Productivity tools suggestions please

I have been looking for a productivity tool that can help me in my day to day work.

I am using a lot of tools that does not seem to let me navigate using the keyboard so there is a lot of pointing and clicking in a work day and my hands are resenting it.

For instance, we are using slack and are looking up customer files. Just to open 1 file, have me pointing and clicking three times.

I use albert to open applications and certain documents and that is great.
But I also would like to put open applications in focus without having to cycle through them all with alt+tab.

Can any of you think of a tool that is flexible enough to let me adapt it to putting applications in focus and configuring it to avoid pointing and clicking?


Something like this?


It looks like something that could do the trick… Or at least part of the trick.

Could you record a demo of how do you usually navigate your work?

You can upload it to YouTube, and paste the link here.

I am afraid not, because most of the information I treat is sensible, and to show how I navigate would be almost impossible without also showing sensible information.

Have you thought about a tiling solution (I’m not familiar with xfce) to better handle your workflow (example i3 - improved tiling wm)

A alternative to using your hands could be to not use your hands at all

I am using two big monitors, so monitor space is not an issue.
Rofi looks like a very good candidate as I also copy and paste a lot.

Now I only need to find some good (for dummies kind of) instructions on how to get started with it

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