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So, idk if this is the right place to ask but idk where else to go. I am using Manjaro Latest Release on my HP Folio 9470m and I left my laptop for little brother to play minecraft and after about a few hours came back to this.

Now he swears he didn’t do anything and “It happened on it’s own” but I am not buying that anyway I did see a tutorial on how to fix but it was on windows and I don’t wanna install windows for this. Is there anyway I can fix it without installing windows, while staying on Manjaro.


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That question you will need to ask in a HP forum.

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and i thought my cat, the mighty shortcut-explorer is master of desaster. in fact, you have to contact your hardware-forum to solve that. your bro did a “great” job. hopefully you can solve it, but i expect that a new install will be necessary.

oh the OS works fine, it’s just this annoying popup every time I boot by laptop up. It’s just annoying that’s all. Well, we share the same genes so not his fault. got that from our dad lol

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well, i’m sure he freaked your bios-setting. nothing new to me, these “specialists” are always more “clever” and the first action is to “optimize” the “system”.

Corrupted BIOS/firmware maybe?

Bios battery could be empty?
If so bios will loose settings but mostly working after a few warnings.