Problems With Vortex And Skyrim SE

I have just started using Manjaro on my gaming PC, I moved over from Windows to this OS as it seems the best for gaming on Linux, It has mostly gone ok, however I have a problem with Nexus Mods mod installer Vortex, which is I think prohibiting me using some mods that reply on SKSE, here is an image of the problem:
For some strange reason the forum won’t let me post an image or link >.<

I used the latest stable version of Steam Tinker Launch and the latest release of Proton GE Custom to run both Skyrim and Vortex, all the mods work fine apart from the ones that require SKSE.

SKSE seems to boot up, but then disappears and nothing else happens, I can run the game without it, but then I miss out on the mods that need SKSE.

I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to fix the .net problem.

Thank You.