Problems with the temperature of the CPU, Lenovo B590

Hi! The problem is with the Lenovo B590 laptop and the temperature of the system.
Laptop specs:
CPU i3,
Intel integrated video card and GeForce 720M,
12 RAM,
BIOS H1ET75WW(1.18) 06/27/2013.
Manjaro Cinnamon 21 is installed. Temperature at idle stays at 44C ±2C, when running VSCode, FireFox, Brave or watching YouTube, temperature goes to 62C, maximum was 74C.
Installed standard driver (video-linux), didn’t change to hybrid nvidia-prime or bumblebee.
Possible cause of the cooler, its rpm, sensors shows 0RPM
What else could be the reason ?

Have you checked options in your firmware?

No, tell me which firmware you mean ?

Your UEFI / BIOS, which you can access with a specific function key when booting your PC.

This is pretty old, have you checked for firmware updates?

Have you tried to clean your fan?

Oh, didn’t check for firmware updates on the bios.
Yes I cleaned the laptop, replaced the thermal paste. The only problem is with Linux system, the same Win 10 keeps the temperature at 34C and when loading the CPU goes up to 40-50C