Problems with the pdf2ocr installation from snap

Hello everybody
As the title suggests I have a problem with this pdf2ocr program
or used the procedure from the Snap site: Install PDF2OCR - Convert Images/Pdf into Text on Manjaro Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft
installed without problems.
But when I start it starts up for a moment and then doesn’t load anymore.
always in the link or performed the procedure that says this problem but to no avail.
do you have any idea how to fix it.? or if you can find it in a different version, thank you.
I hope it is explained to me and you understand the problem.Thank you again.
In addition or tried to start it from the terminal and I get this error

A snap is a self-contained application - created for the Ubuntu platform - if you cannot get it to work - your best bet is the developer(s)'s support channel.

You will likely find a link on the pubishers snap page or perhaps the publisher’s web site.

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OK thank you very much.