Problems with the Keyboard layout, FN an

Hey there,
I’ve just recently noticed, that Manjaro now officially has a sway version and even a wayfire package for arm, making the switch from sway to wayfire very easy as all the required programs are already provided.

Already from the beginning I started facing an issue: Sway would just ignore the keyboard layout set by the installer and just falls back to the layout of the system language apparently.

After I managed to install wayfire and booted it up I noticed yet another problem with the keyboard: The FN-key seemed to be stuck on for all, but the arrow- and f-keys.

As I just installed this, trying to update my system does not yet work.

Does anyone know, what is going on here? Should I report this in the Manjaro gitlab->wayfire?


What #support:manjaro-hardware are you using this on? Or was that just a mistake in tagging it?

Do you use sway-input(5) — Arch manual pages or you also switched to the proper wayfire.ini config wayfire/wayfire.ini at master · WayfireWM/wayfire · GitHub ?

huh? I could have sworn I clicked PBP. How did that happen…

Anyways: I am using the wayfire config for keyboard input and I know that it works, as I have just copied that over from my x86 system.