Problems with the Canon LBP3010/LBP3018/LBP3050 printer

Hello everyone, I have dual-booted our family Windows 7 computer to Manjaro KDE. Unfortunately, I can’t get the printer (Canon LBP3010/LBP3018/LBP3050) to work. I have plugged it in, but the Manjaro can’t find the drivers, as such it recommends me a Generic Text-Only Driver. However, it can’t print with this driver, every time I choose a document for printing, the printer immediately cancels it. I have tried with different drivers (PDF Printer and LBP-3360 drivers), but it too would be unsuccessful. I have also followed this tutorial on printing (Printing - Manjaro) and tried building capt-src from pamac (from this forum post How install print canon lpb 3010 for manjaro). However both didn’t work, doing things from the tutoiral didn’t change anything and python2 failed to build (which is required by capt-src).

I am on Manjaro KDE 22.0.3

KDE is the one edition I had problems setting up my printer with. I’m sure there are some folks who can help you download the right file and/or set things up through the terminal.

However, I’ve used Xfce and Budgie and I’ve never had an issue getting my printer to work with those desktop environments.

Perhaps try python2-bin

This printer needs this driver application - in addition to Cups.

CUPS/Printer-specific problems - ArchWiki

Canon CAPT - ArchWiki

I have written more than once here on the forum about how to set it up.

You need the caps driver - and go through a setup procedure besides configuring the printer in Cups.

It is not automated - Cups alone won’t cut it.
That’s just a fact that you have to deal with with this printer …

Look for my posts on the matter - it’ll help, although you can’t simply copy/paste instructions since they are for my printer (a different model - LBP 2900).

So I managed to install capt-src through the Add/Remove Software, the first time I tried to install it through the terminal. It detects the printer and installs the driver (Canon LBP3010/LBP3018/LBP3050 CAPT (UK)), but it still refuses to print anything. Whenever I specify a document for printing it says that it is sending data to the printer, after about a minute it then says that the printing has been completed, during all this the printer does nothing. I have opened captstatusui in order to see what the problem is and it says that there is a connection error. I have tried with different usb ports, installing cups-bjnp, checking if printer has a bad permission and I also tried solutions in case that the printer is conflicting with SANE and usblp, none of these brought any results. At this point I temporarily give up, I might try again in the future, but it seems that this printer really doesn’t like working on the Manjaro. I will try with a Windows 7 virtual machine and see if that may work, but for now I will keep printing on the Windows 7 partition. Thanks for all the help, anyway.