Problems with Manjaro Linux + Deleting Linux

I have on my notebook Windows 10 and Manjaro KDE with sddm display manager. My problem is that Linux isn’t working properly, animations don’t work(that isn’t big problem it’s just strange that animations of switching between desktops or start menu don’t work), when starting the system login screen is black and after letting the computer sleep i can’t login.
KDE plasma-5.19.5
(the saddest is that windows works better than the linux)
Sorry for my terrible English
And Thanks For Help


boot on USB iso manjaro ( live )
open a terminal

sudo manjaro-chroot -a ( type 1 if only line 0 appears )
pacman -S linux519-headers
mhwd-kernel - i linux54
mhwd-kernel - i linux58
exit (end chroot )

press Esc on reboot , in Grub , choose advanced , and change kernel
do not stay on a alpha linux kernel version , this is NOT a stable one

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