Problems with KDE, switching to XFCE

Hi! I have Manjaro KDE installed at the moment at I would like to switch to XFCE. I would like to delete KDE and install XFCE, without losing user account and home partition. I’d do that with a new installation but at the moment I don’t have time for that. What is the correct way to do that?

Thanks for your help

Read the wiki articles on installing extra desktops.

When you understand them - and have installed the necessary packagtes - you only have to logout - select xfce in the display manager and login.

Switching between desktops using the same toolkit is not very hard - but as KDE builds on a completely different toolset and a completely different approach to theming etc. - there will be implications which can be hard to predict and hard to troubleshoot.

Ok. But I want to uninstall kde. I don’t want to keep them both. Would that be a problem too?

You will need to remove the KDE parts - but wait until you have the other parts insalled.

Very roughly

  • install the xfce meta packages
  • install the manjaro xfce settings packages
  • install lightdm and a greeter
  • enable lightdm as display manager
  • log out login
  • remove kde packages using pamac gui
  • be careful to understand implications - especially with dependency packages.
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I understand that you want a clean system but the best way to do that is to make a backup and reinstall. But unused software only takes place in your drive why can’t you wait and do that reinstall when you have more time?

I don’t know if there would be problems with configurations if I keep both KDE and XFCE

There will be problems - KDE do not mix well with other desktop environments.

E.g. conflicting services

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Do you think that it’s safe to switch? I fear that I might losing more time than reinstalling the os.

TBH don’t waste your time in trying to remove KDE after a install of xfce DE.

I would recommend you a re-install after backing up all valuable files.

Installing a second DE is easy, removing it is the hard and not-supported task and so far nobody will present you all the single steps you have to perform - it’s simply not a recommend approach.

Ok. I think I’ll wait till I will have time to reinstall. Thank for the help