Problems with installing KDE #2

Sorry about my previous question, I should have explained it better, it was called “Problems with installing KDE”, but the reason why I posted that and directed you guys to linux dot org, is that I posted a question there asking for help, and then there was a whole saga about that, and then a different problem arose and they told me to tell you guys about that thread to see if you have a quick fix. I will outline my problem here:

Basically I booted manjaro into the live environment and then installed it, but when I restarted after installing it, it just brought me back to the short boot menu and then I had to start all over again from the live environment(it did wipe the drive of my previous installation of Windows however). I tried a few more times but it only yielded the same results. Have any of you guys seen something like this and know the solution?

As usual, thanks for any input!

my machine is a Lenovo T580 laptop with an i7 8th gen, and Intel UHD graphics(plus for some reason, 32gb of ram(and the reason why I am saying “some reason” is because I actually got this laptop by accident a few years ago))

Remember to remove your flash drive before booting after install.

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What the Ubuntu ISOs do upon shutdown/restart from the live environment is prompt the user to please remove the installation media and then press Enter. Maybe this could be added to Manjaro ISOs.