Problems with Huion GT 190 dual monitor

Good day all,
I am using Manjaro xfce
as mentioned in the subject I own a GT 190 pen display by Huion. It is old and isnt even sold anymore.
I have a main HD monitor and the GT 190 as a second monitor and drawing monitor

The two main problems I had was resolution on that thing and the Input. when i try to draw it projects on both monitors which is annoying and I am not sure how to fix it.

I figured out how to change the resolution to a desired 1440 x 900 with xrandr recently but the issue of projection is still there.

I tried xwacom --list devices but the Pen Display wont show up there

I tried the Digimend kernel drivers a youtube video

but i got stuck at the sudo make dkms install command, tried to install dkms manually but it didn’t work still.

xinput does show several “Tablet Monitor Pad” but i dunno how to read them.

A solution i had on PopOS was : xsetwacom set “Tablet Monitor Pen stylus” MapToOutput HDMI-0 but it says that “Tablet Monitor Pen stylus” wasn’t found.

after consulting a friend I went to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d and found 50-digimend.conf and 70-wacom.conf

They had sections for the huion tablets with wacom drivers already and the USB"ID 256c:006e" my Tablet Monitor showed with lsusb,

Any idea where to go next? The main problem seems to be projection of the drawing area onto two monitors instead of one

xinput map-to-output 26 HDMI-0

was the answer

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