Problems with Hibernation And Software

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I’m pretty new here, so let me know if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s debug information that I need to post. I’ve been using hibernation on my Manjaro computers. For both of them, when I start the computer again there are graphical bugs in several applications, including my email client and steam. These bugs also exist for web browsers, but both Firefox and Chromium-based browsers will almost immediately refresh and clear them. Games running on Proton will black screen but continue to play audio, games running natively will experience the graphics bugs but usually still be somewhat playable. Are any of you familiar with this, or do you know what’s going on?


I can’t find the exact thread on Valve’s Linux Github page, but Steam glitching out after suspend is a known bug. One report is here. It happens to me too, every single time I wake my PC up. I have to logout of Steam to reset Valve’s browser.

Games left running when the PC sleeps never, ever resumed properly after wakeup for me either in Windows or Linux, since maybe DOS days. It’s normal behaviour. In XFCE you can prevent the PC from going to sleep by right clicking the power manager icon in the system tray and ticking “Presentation Mode”. I think other DEs have something similar.

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