Problems with grub after installation

Hello. I am relatively new to Arch and have installed Manjaro Xfce in VBox without serious inconvenients so far. I can install it to a hard drive with a multi-boot setup (only distros there) and it works at first, but if I install any other distro(s) afterwards then problems begin. Manjaro may boot once or twice but no more than that. It simply starts booting, shows a black screen and stops there. The disk contains several debian derivatives and also Archman, Artix and Endeavour. It was in this last OS introduction that I learned that Arch systems might have problems in multiboot setups. The three Arch systems I’ve just mentioned don’t present any such issues fortunately.
I very much regret that this happens with Manjaro because I like it very much and would like to have it ‘as part of the family’ on the hard disk and not confined and limited to a VM. I’ve written this just to inform about this and am thinking about trying something I read about just a few days ago: the refind boot manager. Let’s see what happens.

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