Problems with Dolphin


Since a few months Dolphin does not save the thumbnails of the (second) internal SSD anymore. They are recreated every time I open a folder.

The preview images of the SSD where KDE is installed do not have these problems.

This problem does not exist with Thunar under KDE.

Can someone help?

open dolphin/settings/configure dolphin/generel/previews select the previews you want, set the ‘skip previewd for local files above’ to ‘no limit’ and check …
if doesnt work, is your second disk being mounted on boot?

Dolphin uses the kdegraphics-thumbnailer while Thunar uses the dbus service via tumbler installed via File Manager Settings for Thunar. Even tho both are saving the thumbnails in your home directory ~/.cache/thumbnails/ (see the folders in there) each has an unique ID file name, and for the same original image the thumbnail will have a different compression, so it might be because of that Dolhin fails to display thumbnails created wit the other tool. I might be wrong on this. Also, i think the new way to create thumbnails on Dolphin, for image files, to me looks like has a bit of regression …

The value is set to ‘no limit’, the second value I set to 16,000 MB. Yes, the second hard disk is mounted at boot time.

Dolphin recognizes the thumbnails that Thunar has created and loads these thumbnails when opening a folder.

How to create thumbnails other than by opening a folder in Dolphin?

AFAIK the thumbnails are generated on demand, but i have seen some scripts here
using a routine outside the file manager …

In case you want to try, remove from ~/.config/dolphinrc the entry related to [PreviewSettings] and everything under it, save it, and reopen Dolphin …

so go again to dolphin settings/ previews and modify the skip previews for remote files as you desire … on the kde channel it was mentioned that it is a bug and this should give you previews … if it doesnt work than changing kernels should also help…

Unfortunately, neither of these helped.

and what size did you input? you could try something large like 5 giga

I tried 100 MB, 16,000 MB and 32,000 MB.

I have known in the past that someone had the same problem that is caused by some package e.g. (wps-office) or third party application.

You can check if creating a new user also has the same problem?

  • Try to create a new KDE user.
  • Switch to the new user.
  • See if thumbnail works?

Is that drive encrypted?

That was not the reason.

Yes, encrypted.

Thanks to all for the help. Then we have found the error. It is a bug.

For all those who are looking for a solution: Install Thunar (thunar, tumbler, ffmpegthumbnailer) and create the thumbnails with it. They will then also be recognized by Dophin.

Adjust the file size in: /etc/xdg/tumbler/tumbler.rc

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