Problems with Digikam

i18n seems to be replace by i18n-git, it breaks Digikam and several other apps! Even on stable branch there’s installed by defaul i18n-git.

There’s no such packages. I think you mean ki18n and ki18n-git? ki18n-git provides ki18n, but does not replace it.

indead, but that-s the KDE named version, the problems is lots of packages are cross compiled with the git version that-s breaking other packages from running properly, also git is not a permanent version in any point also, it is a really bad policy to compile as default with git packages even for a rolling release, as an example it breaks DigiKam, and several AppImages, also, using Manjaro Architect even if I pre-select to install ki18n package I get an installation without it and with the ki18n-git version instead, ironically the live image runs with ki18n and not with the buggy ki18n-git, what also makes me thing about security…so something is very odd with manjaro build server, this did not happen before as far as I remember

Can’t run Digikam not even from AppImage, and it seems to faulty ki18n-git used on the update instead of ki18n.

An AppImage is self-contained, ki18n-git is not related. Sounds like an upstream issue.

Well, if I force unninstall ki18n-git and install ki18n, Digikam works, but then there’s a huge amount of packages that seems to be dependent on ki18n-git, Manjaro architect scritpt on a fresh install seems to use ki18n-git even when explicit stated to install from stable repository, all those packages that start to fail work with ki18n if I reinstall, all start to work correctly, how to use PacMan to recursively replace all ki18n-git to ki18n?

Well it was installed by the update.

Anyway I reinstalled the OS and there’s the same problem with Manjaro Architect Installer: even if you choose Stable Branch, the -git developer packages are installed, giving the same problem, like digiKam failing to start and others, if you Install from the normal installer, no -git packages are installed and everything seems OK now!