Problems starting xfce in Manjaro installed on hyper-v with enhanced session (i.e using xrdp)

Hello everybody,
I have successfully followed a tutorial and I have been able to install Manjaro Ornara 21.0.4 on Hyper-V with enhanced session.
However, there is one thing that is not working properly: I have edited my .xinitrc file according the instructions provided in the tutorial, but the xfce session was not starting after the xrdp login, and after some seconds I was back to xrdp login window.
So I commented out the line with exec command in .xinitrc and manually added the following line:

 exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax xfce4-session

In this way xfce starts, but I have problems with authorizations: I cannot update or add any software using Add/Remove Software gui because I get an “authentication” failed message.
This seems related to an issue discussed here:
No user session created with xrdp and pam_systemd_home account module

I then applied one of the workaround there described, that is to comment out all lines with reference to in /etc/pam.d/system-auth
In this way everything seems to work. I just wanted to know if others are facing the same problem, even if I know this is not a very common situation.

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I couldn’t put the first link to the tutorial I mentioned above, you can find it in the archived Manjaro forum looking for Installing Manjaro in Hyper-V with Enhanced Session support

Jut a little update: not everything is really working, I guess always because of this problem in authentication. Indeed, when I try to update the kernel using Manjaro Graphical Settings Manager, I get "Changes failed, click on ‘Show Details’ for more information, but no information at all is provided.
The problem is only using the graphical interface, because I have successfully updated kernel using 'mhwd-kernel -i linux512'