Problems processing usb.Brother DCP-7020 laser printer/scanner with Brother hl1250 driver

This works very well with Linux Mint on Dell laptop but in Manjaro on a Lenova desktop the print comes out backwards.

What does that even mean?

It prints page 5 first and page 1 last
or vice versa?

Consider what someone who does not own your printer and doesn’t sit in front of your computer
would need to know in order to meaningfully respond to your question.

Problem solved. The backwards printing was on a chrome browser (not chromium). On Firefox browser printing was normal.

The letters were backwards on the chrome browser. Also had problems with processing, would not transmit until I re-entered an additional printer with the same information.

The printing was normal in Linux Mint on a Chrome browser.

If it works in one browser (firefox) but not another (chrome) it is your browser settings

perhaps a RTL (Right To Left) setting?

No! The problem is in the processing, it does not transmit to the printer.