Problems installing Vivaldi browser

Anyone else having a bad time trying to install Vivaldi browser? Because of eyesight issues (Vivaldi has an easy to use zoom feature) its a browser I use a lot so not having it is not negotiable for me.

I followed a this guide How To Install Vivaldi Browser On Linux [Guide] | | but got caught when I got to the AUR side of things. I found Vivaldi snapshot but when trying to install it got trapped in some kind of loop asking for me to import PGP key over and over but not installing the browser. Finally it told me package manager failed to install transaction.

I’ve never had so much trouble doing an essentially simple thing that’s dead easy in Mint and others. Is there some kind of problem or have I overlooked something?

Any suggestions appreciated.

That guide is almost three years old. Vivaldi is in the community repo now. You can install it from Add / Remove Software or from the terminal:

pamac install vivaldi

I did search but could not find it from add/remove software. I have just now found what you suggested and it works well.

As always appreciate the help.

Many thanks.