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Greeting everyone

I am a windows user testing my luck with Manjaro, I must say I am impressed. I would love to make Linux my primary but unavailibility of some microsoft app that i need for work stopping me still nowaday i spend most of my time on linux and only goto windows for work related stuff.
Manjaro brings my student life memories when i used to work with redhat and freebsd…anyways when i first installed manjaro everything was flawless but as i progressed some of the stuff stopped working i am sure this would have been of some of the package i installed during testing but now i want to fix so the first problem which i am getting is that i am unable to add new user.
in GUI it gives me an error "your username contains invalid characters" while on cli mode it lets me create using the useradd command however when i try to login with the new ID the user environment sends me back to the login screen.

what could be the problem?

is there anyway i can restore the system files? if that in the case?

thanks in advance
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Make sure then that you do not have

in the user name. No spaces, only in the Full Name … Here is what i suggest as example:

and let the new user to set their password regardless if is Standard or Administrator account.

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yes i made sure of that 5 alphabet characters and nothing more.

Let the user set their own password, and add it from UI Settings. It will be prompted to set their own password and then start the tour. Had no issue on my end.

The options in your window shot are different from mine and the error is still there.i only have username & type password screen.

i cant add screenshots in my message :frowning:

fixed issue by adding -m switch in the user add command which wasnt the case when i did this last time. thanks you.


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