Problems Connecting a Lenovo PC (DP Port) to RCA TV (HDMI Port)

I have been trying to connect my Lenovo M715Q Tiny ThinkCentre with a Windows 10 / Manjaro KDE dual boot to my RCA RT4510 TV. The Lenovo Tiny PC only has two DP ports and I’m using a DP to HDMI cable to connect to a HDMI port on my TV.

If I boot into Windows 10, it recognizes the TV and displays perfectly.

However, when I boot into Manjaro the screen goes blank. How do I get Manjaro to recognize my TV?

Probably try this this:




See: Kernel mode setting - ArchWiki


I tried the above video codes without success. However, I switched out the tiny Lenovo for another one I had and it booted Manjaro perfectly. Hmmm.

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