Problem with window decoration after installing Nouveau drivers

I have a problem.

After installing the nouveau drivers I get errors in the window decoration, as you can see in the image.

It is not in all applications. And it is easily fixed if I apply a style in the XFCE appearance settings.

Any recommendations you can give me?


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Does this also happen with the standard Manjaro “Breath2” theme?


Hi @linuxmanr4 ,
Could you please tell us where you downloaded the theme?
I wonder whether I can reproduce the problem.
I am using vimix and dracula styles, I also have the noveau drivers installed and I have experienced no problems with either the theme or drivers.

Hope this help, regards.

Very good question, I don’t know.
But I’m going to download it and see what happens.

Hi @j8a

I don’t think the problem is in the theme.

It appears like this after restarting my computer. If I apply the style change it fixes it.

Over time I’ve gotten used to applying that change every time I start my computer, because it’s a minor problem, but I’d like to fix it.