Problem with update [Manjaro KDE, kernel 6.1 LTS]

Hi, guys. I have one problem. I update the system (Manjaro KDE Plasma, 6.1 LTS [manjaro-kde-22.1.3-230529-linux61]) and after restarting, my laptop just boots up to the login screen and freezes tightly. I can’t take the logs, I have already reinstalled the system back. Is it broken updates or what? (Sorry, i am new on the forum) Please, help :_)
Processor - Intel Pentium 7505 Gold
GPU - Intel UHD Graphics
RAM - 8 GB
SSD - 128 GB

P.S: but before that it could boot up, either to the desktop, or just hang on the loading screen

there is a slight issue with sddm in some cases. Some say downgrading it to 0.19.0 “fixed” it … I’ll try to do another ISO build including today’s updates: Releases · manjaro/release-review · GitHub

Okey, I will wait, thank you very much

Hi, if I update the system without just updating the sddm package, should this bug go away?

Its not solved the problem, i tried Manjaro 23.0 from github, but its freezes too.