Problem with theme

Hi guys, I am new to linux operating system and I have a problem with Manjaro KDE. I have downloaded a theme from the global theme menu and it didn’t really work properly it looked very messy, and after I switched back to the default one this is what it looks like: h t t p s://
How do I reset to default settings? Thanks

Hmmm you don’t give much information do you?
e.g. I installed the global theme ‘Reversal Global Theme’ etc.

To be honest, after trying a few I think the best is either breath2 or breeze.

Then apply plasma style - I think I installed ‘Breeze with Transparency’

Then choose either Breeze ‘Application Style’ or install Lightly which is a bit tidier… but I prefer to apply the ‘Material’ window decorations (extra options in that one, I can apply my titlebar menu and have it in-line instead of drop-down), Breeze Chameleon icons follow your colour scheme too… so for a quick change it’s easy, we can just apply colour schemes for a ‘new’ desktop.

To do more of a ‘reset’ on plasma settings, we can do a few things.

  1. Timeshift restore a few hours before we started playing (for a ‘complete noob’ or ‘I can’t be bothered messin’ with this’ solution). Obviously Timeshift must include your /home (especially the hidden files).

  2. Use the widget ‘PlasmaConfigSaver’. With a good default desktop you can save one profile ‘Default’ and then apply your theme and save ‘theme1’. To go back to ‘default’ you can load it from the Configsaver.

  3. Create a new user to get a default /home directory and use those to replace stuff in your own /home.

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