Problem with sunset and sunrise at current location

I have a strange issue with color temperature when I use the “sunset and sunrise at current location” option. It always turns on the night color temperature, all day long.

The funny thing is that everything seems to be in place but still, the night color temp is always selected. Here’s what I mean by that:

  1. My location (latitude and longitude) are detected correctly
  2. The sunrise and sunset time seems to be detected correctly
  3. My system clock is accurate

Yet, when the “sunset and sunrise at current location” option is selected, the only way to turn off the the night color temp, is to click on its icon on the taskbar manually. The funny thing is that if I go to the settings and select the “sunset and sunrise at manual location” instead and enter the exact same coordinates printed by the “sunset and sunrise at current location” option, everything works just fine!

Any ideas what might have gone wrong?

What about day color temperature?

Or you have set night colors or something like that in monitor’s settings.

Here are all my evidences: