Problem with sleep mode after last update

After last update i cant use sleep mode

PS:I checked on the snapshot that was made before the update everything works.

PS2:I saw that there is a special topic here for upgrade problems but I don’t know how to transfer the post there

You don’t.

You can check the logs.

journalctl --list-boots --no-pager will list the boots, find a boot it happened and use that number, I will assume it was the last boot, ie -b -1 in the example. (boot 0 is the one you are running right now)

sudo journalctl -b -1 -p 3 --no-pager

Click the </> button here in the text box on the forum and paste the output from the commands.

Because I used snapshot, I can’t see the logs that were taken before the restore

Then it’s very hard to analyze.

I suggest this.

Make sure you can REISUB (follow this tutorial)

Then force the error by sleeping/waking up, do a REISUB and then check the logs.

Do this at your own risk though. But that would be the “softest” way I think.

Others on the forum, feel free to chip in with opinions.

After last update, all works good! Thanks developers! :green_heart:

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