Problem with Single GPU Passthrough

Hello, so I’m trying to do a Single GPU Passthrough on my computer but I don’t know anymore what I’m doing wrong :confused: , every time I start up win VM the screen goes black and there is no signal. I did Single GPU Passthrough once but on a diffrent distro - Garuda Linux, from which I switched to Manjaro because of some problems with it, I tried to reproduce it here but with no success.

My configs are down below, if you need anything more from me just write and I will attach it, any help is really appreciated.

startup hook
revert hook

Hello @Krukeletto and welcome :wink:

So… you try to passthrough a GPU which is also in use by the Host (single GPU)? This is not possible. You need a second GPU, which can be passed through to the VM. (An exception are newer Intel GPUs)

Well, I can’t agree with you on that, there is single gpu passtrough mate :wink: Just read about it before you say it is not possible.

Oh my goodness, there is a way, but hold, where does the picture go, if the single GPU is blocked by the vfio module? Anyway, never done this hackish stuff.

Sorry, I had have searched it before answering, but this is really new to me…

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No problem, sorry if I offended you or smth.

Yes there is a way, well it should work like that → linux go headless → GPU is attached to VM after that screen should show up, in my case it doesn’t but in short it should work like that (Probably there is more steps to that but I tried to explain it as simple as I can)

Honestly, I do not know how much help with GPU Passthrough you will be able to get here.

It would be better to ask on the /r/VFIO Subreddit which specializes in GPU passthrough.

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Well, if I will not have an answer in a few days I will probably go there or smth, anyway thanks <3

I guess this is what you want: scripts/ · master · Yuri / VFIO · GitLab

I didn’t try that guide yet, I will give it a shot then and tell you if that works for me, anyway thanks :smiley: