Problem with Netflix on Firefox 89

I’ve put this in the Browsers category, since it might affect Firefox 89.
I’ve been having a problem with Netflix on Firefox 89 for a few hours now. I’m logged in correctly, but no more stream loads. It loads for a while at first, then comes "We could not process your request - error code F7703-1290). A search for the error code turned up nothing and the telephone customer service in German is not available at this time. I first cleared the cache from Firefox, no improvement. Then I set up a new profile, also no improvement. I also restarted the router - nada …

that error means netflix is down, wait awhile.

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OK, thx :ok_hand:t2:


It’s definitely Firefox 89. I’ve now tried Firefox 88 on another computer and everything runs correctly.

In the meantime, the problem has been solved. Whether by itself or by the new user profile I can not say for sure.

Btw. NO CHROMIUM on this machine!