Problem with my display

so today i decided to switch from manjaro KDE to manjaro Gnome
and now everything on my screen has a halo a sort of dark brown halo
and its like this after login lock screen is fine

Fresh install from an ISO or did you installed Gnome on top of KDE Plasma, or did you kept the home directory from previous install?

Maybe it’s the Gnome automatic night mode enabled? Try and check in the upper right corner. It’s only working at evening/night time and dims the screen to ease eyesight.

If enabled, should be a moon on the panel. You can switch it off.

it was fresh and no i did not kept anything from my last install

well shame on me it was
i did not know that was a thing :slight_smile:

Yeah Gnome has cool features but it’s really confusing at first when you never tried it before.

KDE Plasma has the same feature since 5.17, but it might be more subtle and hence you didn’t noticed.

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