Problem with mouse configuration

I have a problem, I’ve been trying to disable mouse acceleration for a while, but when I go to the settings, instead of showing the Acceleration and sensitivity options, only acceleration appears, and when I select my keyboard instead of the mouse, it shows normal settings (acceleration and sensitivity), what would that be? doesn’t my manjaro recognize my mouse? (just to let you know i’m new to the linux world).

Hmm …

  • you want to disable acceleration
  • if you go to the mouse settings, there “acceleration” appears and can be adjusted

I don’t see the problem.

If that’s not the actual problem,
but you just wonder why for your mouse only the acceleration setting is available while sensitivity is not …
I’d guess that “sensitivity” just isn’t a thing with a mouse - the buttons don’t respond to different amounts of pressure.

So, by default, only “acceleration” appears in the settings ?, because I saw it on some websites, explaining how to decrease or disable acceleration through a graphical interface, and in the photos two bars appeared, the acceleration and the sensitivity bars, but in my case only the acceleration appears, is this normal?

I think so.
first - but not a very good reason:
it’s the same here :wink:
second and as I said: what would a sensitivity adjustment even mean for a mouse?

I have this same problem with my razer turret keyboard and mouse… These are the frustrations of simple things not working on linux, drives me insane!

I think this might be mouse depended, so depended on what is supported (by driver or device) it shows or does not show that sensibility bar. But I’m not sure.