Problem with manjaro deepin login

Hello there
I am so new to GNU/Linux and installed manjaro deepin just about a month ago so imagine how new i am to this stuff so PLEASE give me some giudness
Few hours ago updated and now when i click to login nothing happen.

1- how do i access to terminal in these situations
2-how do i fix the login issue

Thanks a lot

Does CTL + ALT + F2 or +F3 work?

Also … maybe check your pacnews:

pacdiff -o
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Yes now im in terminal

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Be aware that i already tried this solution and still no luck
https:// manjaro. org/t/manjaro-deepin-login-error/148455

Help me cscs you’re ky only hope

I only see 2 solutions
Wait for updates to resolve bugs or install another graphical interface

I gave up on deepin since it has many bugs. I installed gnome instead and its the best dicision i made