Problem with LUKS Password Entry with non US keyboard and special characters

I have a non US keyboard. When I set a LUKS password at installation I do that with the right keyboard settings. But at Manjaro boot time a default US keyboard is loaded when the system asks for the LUKS password. That might cause troule with special characters like /&_# and so on.

IMO this should be improved…

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When I boot the live CD (USB, actually …) I do select the correct keymap, as that is in the boot menu.
… I’ll type the wrong characters otherwise …

Your issue could be fixed by including your (correct, custom) keymap in the initrd.
To achieve that, the “keymap”
and possibly the “consolefonts” keywords
should be in the HOOKS definition of:

mkinitcpio - ArchWiki

Yes, this could be improved - as of right now, the user set keymap isn’t included
which causes problems with password entry
for anything other than an english keyboard.

My workaround is:
choose a simple password when installing, so I can successfully type it on a non english keyboard -
and amend it later.

Hi @Nachlese - as you say. This is a workaround but no clean solution.
To give the user a good experience with this distribution - which we love so much - this should be fixed IMO.

I would like a solution for this problem too, on Ubuntu and Fedora it works perfectly, maybe there’s something to copy from them.

I only once in my live decided to use keys that where not on a us-keyboard inside a password. :de: I will do this NEVER again. And i think it is bad practice to use keystrokes that depend on any special layout in a password or a passphrase. Better use more keystrokes, or use “extra”-keys that are present on the us-keyboard.
A keyboard can break, or get lost. The replacement may have an other layout. :innocent: