Problem with installation


I’m trying to install manjaro to my late 2008 macbook, but it doesn’t work. I have flashed the iso-file succesfully on to a usb stick. (File name: manjaro-gnome-21.2.1-220103-linux515.iso) I boot the computer with the usb stick attached holding alt key. Then I can choose to boot from the usb but after I press enter, I don’t get the manjaro installation menu but instead it runs a lot of text on the screen and ends up into some kind of minimalistic desktop view. (activities at the upper left corner and clock in the middle, and volume and battery symbols at the upper right corner.) There is also a cursor on the screen but it doesn’t respond to a mouse (either usb mouse or the track pad). Also two pictures from the view I’m getting. Any ideas what could be the issue?


Hello @PietariK and wellcome :wink:

What you are describing is exactly how my Gnome Desktop looks like. This minimalist Desktop should be actually Gnome3.

That is a bad case. Does the Keyboard work? You should be able type the SUPER Key and start searching for example.