problem with Inconsolata after recent [Stable Update] 2020-03-24

I just installed the update, and as a result of the update, the font (inconsolata) in my terminal (urxvt) and in dmenu is being displayed weirdly. Each character is being displayed as though there are two (or so) spaces being added after each character. This only seems to be an issue using inconsolata. If I change to monospace in my terminal, it looks fine.

I am using Inconsolata elsewhere on my system (such as in my i3 bar) and in my browser (qutebrowser) and it look fine in those places.

Any solutions?

Worth clearing your font cache:

rm $HOME/.cache/fontconfig/*

and rebuilding the system cache (though that should already have been done):

sudo fc-cache -frsv

You'll have to restart applications to see if it has made a difference.

Thanks for the advice, unfortunately that didn't work for me.

I'm having the same issue, after last update every letter showed by dmenu is surrounded by spaces. I did not find a way to fix it yet.

Try using different font for monospace type. I install inconsolata-g from AUR and it works..

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It appears that the problem is a bug in XFT that occurs with certain fonts. Inconsolata is one of them.

I found a better Inconsolata font that I want to use. It's called "Inconsolata Nerd Font", and it works great everywhere, except dmenu. I can't get dmenu to use a font that has a space in its name.

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