Problem with incoming sftp connections Filezilla

I use sftp in Filezilla on all my machines. I am new to Manjaro and find that although I am able to connect from Manjaro to other Linux machines with Filezilla, incoming connections are refused on both of my Manjaro machines. In short, I seem to have sftp out, but not in. In Firewalld, I don’t even see an sftp service. I added one manually using port 22, but no joy.

This is just a client and not a server. If you want to accept sftp connections you need an sftp server running and configured. The OpenSSH server will also act as an sftp server on many Linux Distributions. But there are others. If you want to use OpenSSH start and maybe enable the service.

sudo systemctl enable sshd
sudo systemctl start sshd

Thank you Olli. My long time distro, openSUSE, always asked during install if I wanted the port open. I didn’t even think about it. Problem solved.

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