Problem with global theme with libreoffice

I’m new to Linux and manjaro.
I recently installed a. global theme (Sweet KDE) but due to this theme my libreoffice icons are so greyed out that they are barely visible.
I tried to install icons as extensions(yaru icon theme) to libreoffice (6) but that didn’t have any effect.
I want to keep the theme but don’t want it to interfere with libreoffice. Is there any way to do it?
It’s my first post, so if something is wrong then sorry.

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You need to choose some theme for gtk 2/3 for gtk applications from system settings

can you please explain how to do that?

Icons in LibreOffice are set in LibreOffice Options



Go to system settings/ Application style. Down the page you’ll find Configure Gnome/GTK application style. From there you’ll be able to config gtk themes

thanks, that solved it

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