Problem with fresh installation manjaro


Trying to reinstall my manjaro to version 21.3.7 from USB and I have partitioning problem:
My partitions:

First marked as boot, second marked as root. Next shows information

And error

what I’m doing wrong? :slight_smile: [the partitions was the same like previous manjaro installation]

unformatted partition for an 8 MB and set bios-grub not working


Not sure why you had to reinstall, nor how you ended up with a 5 partitions MBR table … since it only can have 4 … i would suggest to do a backup of your data from whatever partition you keep them and start fresh with creating GPT partition table and then move to install the way you want it partitioned …

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Hello, thanks for ansfer!

The primary partition can be only four but extended can me more.
I don’t want to erase these partitions. This partitions table was working before, why now is not?

With MBR you do not need a separate /boot partition because GRUB is written on the MBR section of your disk then load it’s further configuration files from /boot that can be in / aka root partition … Or you also want to encrypt?

How is that “working” for you so far? :wink:

How is that “working” for you so far?

It was working everything till last manjaro update. Now It gives segmentation faults for applications so I’m reinstalling the whole system because It was so annoying. And I’ve ended in partitions part during the installation. Like I sad before, this partition table was working before.

I’ve created more than one parition to these like situations - for reinstalling the whole system and shouldn’t to back up 300 GB of data.

But do you set to format those partitions or you install over?

Wanted to format the partition.
How should I set this partition to go to the end of installation :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Not from Calamares …

Not from Calamares …

But the previous installation was also old manajaro (more or less 3 years ago) and everything was fine (with Calamares I think). Now I can’t do the same with the same partitions?

You can, but you have to set them to be formatted before install, or preformat them with a partition manager.

I’ve formatted again using gparted

But after that the installation process not working. Same error.

Ok, I’ve changed the installation the boot loader to /boot partition. Installation is proceed

After installation process was completed I’ve restarted the system and is not booting. The cursor is blinking and the black screen is showing :confused:

Did you boot the installer with proprietary drivers or free, did you enabled autologin by chance?
Your Nvidia GPU will work with proprietary drivers, but in most cases Gnome requires you to enable early kms

  1. Booted and installed with proprietary drivers
  2. After installation I can’t pick any installation. Grub is not showing or any distro (manajaro) or nothing just blinking cursor.
  3. I’m not sure that my partitions are OK. I think is something in boot partition is wrong. Could You check?

but with this options system do not boot [should i write /boot/efi ?]

Checked this Manual partition - Newbie Corner - Manjaro Linux Forum and not working :frowning:

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