Problem with Dash to Dock, doesn't work

I’m having trouble using the dash to dock. The applications do not appear when I click on “show applications”. As shown in the picture. Attached image. My English is not very good and I don’t know how to express it well.
PS: When I click on “favorites” it closes.

Did you make use of the “Layouts” app? Gnome-layout-switcher - to arrive at this issue? If not, perhaps try and switch back to default using Layouts. Then attempt again for the Modern look using the layout switcher.

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Please make sure you have this settings for DtD if you manually enable it and not trough Layouts:

Another thing, is this on X11 or Wayland ? On X11 there should not be a problem. I didn’t test in Wayland tho.


That shell theme are you using? In my experience many app drawer issues stem from the gnome shell themes.

I had a similar problem when upgrading to Manjaro 19.0. There was an issue with the extension “Appfolder Manager”. When I disabled it, the overlay menu started working properly again.

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Thanks, that worked.

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