Problem with Charging and use of secondary display by TYPO C

Hello everybody again.
I have a Lenovo idealpad 5 Pro laptop with Manjaro Linux version and what I do is to connect it by Typo-c cable to the monitor to get a second screen and power (so I save a charging cable and an HDMI cable). My problem is that every so often (especially when the PC is with a full battery) it disconnects me a few seconds from the screen and reconnects (this happened to me also in previous versions of Manjaro), I have checked the power options, but I do not see any option that I can change or improve (say that the laptop has two type c inputs, one for charging and one for monitor and charging, I use the second one). This is a problem because sometimes it never does it, but other times it does it every 10 minutes, and my other mates who have the same laptop but with Windows, it doesn’t happen to them. I don’t know if anyone has or has had the same problem.
Thanks and best regard.