Problem with capacity of SSD disk

Hi everyone,

I have problem with my disk. Two days ago i changed Mint to Manjaro and when i was installing Manjaro i saw that capacity of my disk is 478 GB. I have 512 GB disk and earlier i didn’t have any problem with this. I installed Manjaro using 3rd option ( I mean, delete old OS and install Manjaro).
What should I do to solve my problem?

Thank you for advance!

lsblk -f
shows you the partitions you have, their size and how much of it is used (and other things)

There probably isn’t a problem.

If the filesystem is ext4, there is by default 5% of the space reserved for root - not accessible to any other user.
On a disk this size these 5% amount to ~26GB

This can be adjusted to be considerably less.

The filesystem itself also takes some of the space.
And then there might be a swap partition …

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You could start by providing more detailed info about your SSD’s layout.

sudo fdisk -l /dev/xxxx


PS: Please note that the capacity of any storage advertised when buying is the RAW capacity without formatting and partition tables etc etc…
Plus they are normally advertised in units of Bytes = 1000.
So the numbers you will see while using an operating system will always be less than what you think you paid for…

Even low level sector information will be deducted from that advertised number…

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