Problem when upgrading kernels

as 5.13.1 is available i wanted to upgrade to it. When booting I am greeted with
the root device is not configured to be mounted read-write it may be fsckd again later
I already tried putting in rw in my kernel command line (extra_kernel_version_strings linux rw in boot/efi/EFI/refind/refind.conf, using refind) but the message still appears. 5.12 boots fine, and DKMS nvidia drivers didnt report problems on the upgrade, so its not them. Any suggestions on what i could try?

ok narrowed it down to some refind problem. if i manually add rw it works. will ask somewhere else ig

there was an extra refind.conf in /boot, edited the kernel parameters to rw instead of ro. Can boot newer kernel now

That file would be /boot/refind_linux.conf for automatic detected kernels by refind. See Arch Wiki

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