Problem when updating via pacman -syu

I installed the community iso manjaro+awesomewm on a VM (VirtualBox), after the installation I opened the terminal and typed sudo pacman -syu so I can update packages (It was a lot of files because it seems the manjaro+awesomewm iso is quite outdated), and after one hour a warning appears:

warning: could not get file information for boot/grub/grub.cfg
: : running pre-transaction hooks…
(1/3) Remove Firefox Distribution settings
(2/3) Save Linux kernel modules
zsh: killed sudo pacman -Syu

how should I proceed?

You might need to increase your timeout. Proceed at your own risk; I personally don’t like to be bothered by sudo passwords…

sudo visudo /etc/sudoers.d/01-timeout

As based on your error, you’ll want longer than an hour (I.E. 90 minutes), add:

Defaults timestamp_timeout=90

Save and close.

See if that helps. You can remove the file afterwards to restore the default setting.

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