Problem updating Windows in dual-boot Manjaro/Windows

I would like to raise a problem, I do not know if I am the only one to have had it. I had installed Manjaro Xfce on my Acer Aspire 5733 in dual boot with Windows 10. Strangely, during windows updates, they downloaded, and during the installation, arrived at 99%, I had a message of error telling me that the installation cannot continue. I had this for weeks during the various updates. It blew me away, I switched to Linux Mint Xfce, and the update has gone really well since.
Think Manjaro might be blocking something about the window$ update?

the problem comes from Manjaro, I reinstalled the KDE version, I had Debian for a while, and this morning I was offered a windows update, and when I restarted my PC, I got to 100% I got this error massage. All updates passed with Debian and Ubuntu. Any idea friends?

AFAIK the only case when Manjaro may “edit” files on a partition where Windows also have files is on a EFI partition, so that Manjaro can boot, but even then it should not touch any file besides its own.
Heck, the kind of issue with cross-OS edit is usually the opposite, when Windows overwrite Linux boot files when it updates itself…

Windows failing to update itself is rather a solely Windows issue…


So it’s not possible to have Manjaro in dual-boot without updating Windows?

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of course you can update !!

Do you have BIOS MODE or UEFI?
With Bios-Mode, the correct Windows partition must be set as active.
Usually the first partition (around 100MB) = active!

second partition is the Windows partition
third partition is the recovery (around 500MB)

I guess for you the second partition is the Windows partition set as active. Then the update does not work.

Thanks for the solution, I applied this and never could rebbot my PC. Had to reinstall everything.

Manjaro != Windows and therefore any problems with Windows should be directed to a Windows support forum.

Never mix EFI and MBR bootloaders.

I reinstalled my PC with just Manjaro. I will install windows in virtualbox