Problem trying to automount a drive

I have a separate hard dive on my system which I am trying to automount at bootup.
I have followed the instructions on this page and have created

/etc/systemd/system/ data.automount


/etc/systemd/system/ data.mount

They both contain

Description=Mount data disk (/data)



When I reboot , this is an image of my file system in nemo

The data drive in bookmarks is flagged with a warning and when I attempt to access it I get the message


Only after I have clicked on 1.9 TB Volume is it accessible

What am I doing wrong?

If you just use the filemanager as usual, note that udisks2 is used there and will be in conflict with systemd.

I would advice you to automount after login, not on boot time. Just add:

udisksctl mount --block-device /dev/disk/by-uuid/76881290-a492-4fe5-8683-38f7a82151ad

to your startup apps (autorun) and it will be mounted automatically when your Desktop starts, after the login. No root permissions needed.

It is exactly the same as you would manually click on “1.9TB Volume” on the sidebar.

When you click on “Data” then it is a bookmark which contains your old path, which is used with udisks2 so the filemanager. Obviously that path doesn’t exist.

In systemd you mount it to /data. Now you need to create a bookmark for /data.

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Fixed - thanks

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