Problem to use OBS studio

Hello everybody:
I just installed OBS studio in my computer, but i have a problem. When I tried to trim a photo by using alt+mouse, it didn’t work: the window got smaller.
It looks like when you press alt, you can move the window you are watching.
I’m using the latest manjaro edition with KDE plasma.
Could anybody help me to disable it?

pd: I used google translate, so excuse me if you find any error

Maybe you have to change the keybindings in the settungs of KDE or OBS.

KDE: Settings → Configure Shortcuts…

But trimming in obs works with filters/effects as i know. Rightclick on the picture, choose filters, add an effect. or transform it with CTRL + e

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I tried “KDE: Settings → Configure Shortcuts”… but there is not any shortcut with only “alt”.
CTRL + e works but is harder than alt + scroll.
Anyway, I’m very thankful with you :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but you can crop the image.

Do you mean to ‘crop’ the image?

I just did it with CTRL + ALT + CLICK AND DRAG A HANDLE (one of the red boxes around the image)


EDIT: I use XFCE, but try it.

Yes, it worked! thanks you. I’m sorry, it looks like the word i was looking for was “crop”.
In spanish “crop” and “trim” mean the same

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