Problem to add interface to firewalld zone

Hello everyone,
I’ve got a problem to add an interface to firewalld zone, is that issue with nftables?
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=internal --add-interface=eth0
Error: COMMAND_FAILED: 'python-nftables' failed:
JSON blob:
{"nftables": [{"metainfo": {"json_schema_version": 1}}, {"add": {"chain": {"family": "inet", "table": "firewalld", "name": "filter_IN_internal"}}}, {"add": {"chain": {"family": "inet", "table": "firewalld", "name": "filter_IN_internal_pre"}}},…etc

adding the interface with nmcli does not work either
sudo nmcli connection modify Wired01 internal

nothing in the internal zone
sudo firewall-cmd --info-zone=internal
target: default
icmp-block-inversion: no
sources:… etc

any suggestions? Thank you!

well, depending of the actual state of your os the python packages must be updated as described here:

but without any information from your side it’s a messy guess
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  1. Please read this:
    [HowTo] Provide System Information
    and press the three dots below your post and press the :pencil2: to give us more information so we can see what’s really going on.
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  2. An inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width would be the minimum required information for us to be able to help you. (Personally Identifiable Information like serial numbers and MAC addresses will be filtered out by the above command)
    Also, please copy-paste that output in-between 3 backticks ``` at the beginning and end of the code/text.


it is on PinePhone with the latest updates
pacman -Q nftables networkmanager
nftables 1:1.0.1-3
networkmanager 1.34.0-1
[manjaro@hostname ~]$ uname -a
Linux hostname 5.16.11-1-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Feb 23 18:04:28 UTC 2022 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Thank you for the tip regarding update/rebuild of python packages. However, it looks like it is related to AUR packages, which I do not use. The python packages is core/python 3.10.2-1 as provided by Manjaro.

Would be the issue to add an interface to the firewalld zone matter of python, even if it is done with nmcli?

Thank you

On PineBook Pro with the same packages Firewalld works fine. I had no problem to add or change interface or other settings.

Is this a bug which should be somewhere reported?

This issue is in Phosh as well as Plasma Mobile :frowning:
Any suggestions what to do with it?
Or any another suitable firewall?