Problem prusa slicer

when i try to run prusa slicer i get this error Segmentation fault (core dumped)

prusa-slicer --loglevel=5
[2022-07-26 16:01:25.999557] [0x00007f59bf830d80] [debug]   full path: 17861031097156285291
[2022-07-26 16:01:25.999597] [0x00007f59bf830d80] [debug]   single instance: undefined. other params: prusa-slicer;--loglevel=5
[2022-07-26 16:01:25.999606] [0x00007f59bf830d80] [debug]   full lock path: /home/kostas/.config/PrusaSlicer/cache/17861031097156285291.lock
[2022-07-26 16:01:25.999632] [0x00007f59bf830d80] [debug]   Creating lockfile.
[2022-07-26 16:01:25.999641] [0x00007f59bf830d80] [info]    Instance check: Another instance not found or single-instance not set.
[2022-07-26 16:01:26.096257] [0x00007f59bf830d80] [trace]   System language detected (user locales and such): en_US
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I have the same behaviour here with prusa-slicer 2.4.2-6. According to

this is caused by wxWidgets 3.2.

For me, the AppImage prusa-slicer-bin works at the moment.

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