Problem on boot after first install with Nvidia graphic card

Hi guys, I’m new to Manjaro and I just finish the setup in my razer blade stealth end 2019.
I have some issues with the first boot and I think it’s related to my graphic card (intel integrated card + Nvidia 1650)

When I select to boot Manjaro from the grub menu it just stuck on the pc logo or it stuck on a blinking cursor. I noticed that the same happens if I try to boot Manjaro from live usb with the open source drivers, if I boot the usb with property drivers I have no problems and I can get to the live system but only from the usb.

So logically I’m thinking that Manjaro installed just the open source drivers on my hardware and not the propetary one, so now if I try to boot the installed system, it first does some glitches the it stucks on the razer logo or black screen and blinking cursor.

Any ideas on how I can work around this? Thanks

Hello @v00d0 :slight_smile:

Ok yet another “timing problem” with hybrid gpus…

If you have prime setup then use i915 (Intel) and nvidia.

If this does not help then try this:

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Hi @megavolt thanks for your help.

How can I change that config file if I can’t access the system?

And what do you mean with prime setup?

Sorry about the newbie questions, thanks

Use Manjaro Live ISO, open a terminal and chroot: manjaro-chroot -a. Then you are on your local installation and can do the changes.

Thank you the modules loading solved the problem!


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