Problem Installing from AUR

I started to install makemkv and it takes along time. On the next screen when I go to the right there is a question to type yes to accept but I cannot type anything or even press q to quit.

Looking for advise

Many/most packages in the AUR are not binaries - you need to build them yourself … this can take a long time … multiple hours for things like browsers.
Of course this can depend on your hardware and configuration - by default makepkg is likely only using a single core.
More info here:

How are you installing/building this package?

I used Add/Remove Software and it failed. I just switched to a konsole and it worked correctly.

So pamac-gtk > pamac-cli ?
IIRC pamac GUI did have issues with any interactivity required by builds, but I would expect to see it more often if it was still a problem.

I found when trying to build and install a program from a GUI software manager and it fails using the command line usually works without issue. I currently use pacseek for most of my installs. Best of both worlds in my book. You get to search for what you want to install, select it, and it’s installed from the command line, then returns to pacseek.

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