Problem in running AppImages after uninstalling AppImageLauncher

After uninstalling AppImageLauncher which as far as i remember was shipped with the Manjaro KDE ISO, I realized that I cannot run the AppImages manually anymore. I posted a bug report to their Github repo and they responded that for disintegration they need a tool that does not exist in Manjaro repo (at least I couldn’t find it myself).

I think we need to have a way to remove the hook created by installing softwares when we have uninstalled them.

P.s: Historically @Yochanan has addressed AppImage-related queries on this forum and I’m tagging Mark just in case.

Oops. I forgot I had tested to see if the appimage-binfmt-remove.hook was still needed and forgot to include it again. Fixed with 2.2.0-5 and pushed to all branches.

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