Problem getting Jackett working in qBittorrent

I wanted to get a private torrent to return results in qBittorrent, so I disabled the search plugins leaving only Jackett.
Then I set up Jackett… and tested it to get the result I wanted yesterday.

Looking good.
Now to hook up Jackett with qBittorrent…
Doing a test search brings an error - API.
So we paste the API from Jackett into the plugin json file:

But still the error remains.

Did anyone get this working?

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You’re using the localhost as a tracker, so is your machine in the DMZ ans is the DMZ publicly accessible?

What are you trying to accomplish? A publicly (WAN) /locally (LAN) accessible torrent?


I don’t understand.
What I’m trying to accomplish is that a search entered into qbittorrent will use Jackett.
I can enter a search in Jackett and get results, but I want to enter the search in qbittorrent without opening the Jackett browser UI.

Hi !

[sum@ordi ~]$ ls ~/.local/share/data/qBittorrent/nova3/engines
btbit.ico       leetx.ico           piratebay.ico    torlock.ico
btdb.ico   jackett.ico   legittorrents.ico    jackett.json   __pycache__
eztv.ico    limetorrents.ico   rarbg.ico
[sum@ordi ~]$ cat ~/.local/share/data/qBittorrent/nova3/engines/jackett.json
    "api_key": "zwwzzmyAPIkey123456frzzkt",
    "tracker_first": false,
    "url": "http://localhost:9117"
[sum@ordi ~]$ 

Yes, looks familiar - your api key from your Jackett right?

❯ \cat ~/.local/share/data/qBittorrent/nova3/engines/jackett.json
    "api_key": "igbsceb7snodi4igdw8q2velfm1ymx0t",
    "tracker_first": false,
    "url": "http://localhost:9117"

Yet still, trying to search in qBittorrent I see Jacket: api key error!

Well, then recheck the API in Firefox: http://localhost:9117/UI/Dashboard

Btw, if you copied your authentic key in above post, xxxx it ! :wink:

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Well I felt confident, so I deleted the plugin, deleted the json, killed qbittorrent and started over.
Now it’s decided to play nicely… as you see here.

So now I can search directly in qbittorrent, no need to go through uLauncher/jackett to get my private links.

Thanks :wink: and I did change a couple of characters, just that on Reddit I kept getting replies saying ‘no spaces’ and stuff.

I never got any decent answers from Reddit on any topic.

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Ah! Ignore my ramblings then!

P.S. As it seems to work now, which is the correct answer? This one?

Well not really - that just confirmed that I’d already done it right - but it’ll do :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, I do try :rofl:

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